Statutes for New Lacanian School Copenhagen 


  • New Lacanian School Copenhagen (NLS- CPH) is a psychoanalytic society based on a lacanian orientation 
  • NLS-CPH. is a society ( consisting) of workgroups and/ or members working with theoretically and clinical issues originating from Freud and Lacan.
  • NLS-CPH. is an affiliated group in  New Lacanian SchoolEcole Européenne de la Psychanalyse.
  • Members of NLS-CPH. might be individual members of New Lacanian School.

The Work

  • NLS-CPH. hosts a series of monthly open meetings, including papers inspired by specific themes following the current themes in New Lacanian School. Annual seminars will be held. 
  • The open meetings will be open to all that are interested.
  • The work in NLS includes as far as possible participation from members of NLS from other countries.
  • Meetings in NLS-CPH. will be announced on the NLS-CPH website.
  • Clinical meetings will currently be held with members working as analysts, or who withholds the wish to become working analysts.
  • The working groups adapts their work to the form of a cartel.
  • Obtaining membership of NLS-CPH. necessitates experiences as either analysand or analyst. 
  • Membership can exceptionally be obtained if a membership meeting and the board of NLS-CPH accepts it.
  • A desire to obtain membership must initially be presented to a member of the board of NLS-CPH. , and secondary to a member of the board of New Lacanian School. The latter can be presented by a member of NLS-CPH, or by own initiative toward the New Lacanian School.
  • A general assembly will convene every other year, where economy and members of board will be discussed and determined. 
  • The board of NLS-CPH will consist of three members: chairman, cashier and webmaster. 
  • The general assembly will be announced at minimum three weeks notice. 
  • A member of the board of New Lacanian School will be invited to the general assembly.
  • An extraordinary general assembly can be held with the notice of three weeks, if 2/3 of the members wish so.


  • In order to inform about meeting etc., an electronic newsletter will be generated to whoever wishes.   
  • Expenses to rent etc. will be accounted for by members of NLS_CPH. 
  • Participants who take part in the work, but who are not members of NLS-CPH. can contribute with an annual amount to cover expenses.
  • NLS-CPH. will appoint  one or two contacts who will appear as such on the Web site. 

Statutes (in Danish)

The statues og NLS-Kbh. are avalible in pdf-formate here.


Statuts (en danois)